Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

"According to a new report by Zola, that surveyed 500 recently engaged or newlywed couples across the nation, a whopping 96 percent of them admitted that wedding planning is stressful, with almost half of those people using the words "very" or "extremely" to describe it. In fact, for some couples, wedding planning was such an agony that they thought it was worse than public speaking, buying a new home, or applying to college. " - instyle.com

Nadia & Sebastian Friedman // A'bule May 2016

After googling, "reasons to hire a wedding planner," I came across these statistics and guess what, I am not shocked.

Wedding and Event Planning is a stressful business. I was ALWAYS so stressed out planning my daughter's FIRST, SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH birthday parties that I couldn't even enjoy her special day. I was the one running around like a crazy person! Imagine being stressed out for a 2 hour event for a little person who just wants to open presents and eat cake, how can you handle a 200 person- 6 hour event???

Everyone loves Pinterest, it came out right as I was getting married, which may be a good thing! Ha!

Don't get me wrong, it has sooo many fabulous ideas and the pins for weddings & events are INSANE!! There are so many CUTE ideas that sometimes its hard to even choose and become overwhelming. The actual planning out in your head of how you want the wedding to look is fun (for many brides!). Shopping for wedding dresses- fun, picking out pretty flowers-fun, who is going to be your bridesmaids- maybe fun, cake tasting- super fun BUT....when it comes down to all the stressful details, working with the vendors, who is setting everything up, who is tearing down, what if someone shows that isn't supposed to, what if it rains, what if i forget something... this is the stuff you need to leave to a Wedding Coordinator. On your wedding day, YOU & YOUR FAMILY (Mom) need to be guests. You all should not be worrying about those details, put a cocktail in your hand, laugh and chat with your friends and family, dance like nobody is watching and let all the vendors handle the little nitty gritty stuff!

Would you have a wedding without a photographer? What about music or food? Then don't forget about adding in a Full Planner or a Day of Coordinator! They are the ones that will work with all your vendors and make everything come together! They are the ones that will make your wedding day run smoothly and let you feel stress free.

Event Planners:

1. Keep you on budget

2. Have a preferred vendor list for vendor recommendations

3. Keep your day stress free - puts out the fires, have fun at your own wedding or event

4. Make your vision come true - Pinterest can be overwhelming

5. Creates a timeline to keep all the details in place and the day running smoothly

I never in my career had someone come up to me after their event and said " I didn't need a planner" BUT I have multiple times heard (normally from the groom) "Thank you so much, you have made everything perfect and I am so glad (bride) hired you! Ha!

Add us into your budget, you will not regret it!



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